Innovativ durch Forschung 2020 / 2021 - Ausgezeichnet durch den Stifterverband CAM139ESC
Camaix GmbH Mastercam Probe Manager
Probe Manager

Probe Manager is an add-on for Mastercam, which depicts the complete Heidenhain touch probe on the PC. With this C-Hook you have the opportunity to program all sampling cycles on your PC you have on your Heidenhain, Siemens, Millplus and more controls.

With this C-Hook you can:

  • compensate the workpiece slant,
  • write values from the touch probe system in a zero point table,
  • set the reference point with 3D touch probe systems,
  • circle Center as a reference point,
  • set reference points over holes/circle pins,
  • measure workpiece with 3D touch probe systems,
  • determine the angle between the angle reference axis and a workpiece, and many more.

The input mask in Mastercam has been adapted to the control system and can be adapted on request with text and images. The Probe Manager Add-on offers you:

  • Time saving, because no measurement programs have to be written on the machine
  • Collision avoidance, because the programmed cycle can be checked
  • Clarity, since the measurement cycles and the NC programs come out of Mastercam and can be archived / documented together
  • Reproducibility, because the measurement cycles can be individually stored and used again and again